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Plan your investments through SIP, Lump sum and by what time You want to reach your goals. According to that execute the plan.


Execute your plans by investing in mutual funds and be on single platform. So, that  you can see results in an Orderly.


Track your investments how they are performing, after some years you can see the increment.

There are many types of Funds to Invest according to your plan and requirement

Equity Funds

An equity is a fund where we invests in shares, these will grow rapidly than fixed income or money market. Among all the categories in mutual funds, equity funds will give you high returns. Based on the overall economic conditions and market movements, these returns will depend.

Balanced funds

These funds will balance the returns and reduce the risk of losing money, equity and fixed income funds both are mix while investing in these funds. They have a formula to distribute among the different types of investments. These funds have less risk than equity funds and more risk than fixed income funds.

Fixed Income Funds

These funds offer you returns at fixed intervals such as monthly, quarterly or half yearly. These funds also known as bond funds. Mostly these funds generate income through the interest in many styles and shape. These funds own a fixed income securities government bonds, investment grade bonds and high-yield corporate bonds.

Money Market Funds

These funds, invests only in highly liquid cash and cash equivalent securities that have high credit ratings. These funds primarily invest in debt-based securities ( less than 13 months maturity) and also offers with a low level of risk. These funds are heaven to invest in ease accessible and equivalent cash assets.


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Sri Rama Investments is an online platform where you can invest your money in the stock market and there are many ways to plan your future. It provides you the calculator for SIP, SWP and planning for all future plans. And you can check your investments through our APP on daily basis.

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We are here to help you how to plan your future by investing in different funds.


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