Children’s Gift Fund

Children’s Gift Fund
Invest for your Children Future Finance needs and plan

As a caring parent or guardian, you would want the best education, health etc for her or his. Investing in your children’s future is one of the most primary financial goals. You can save a portion of your income in gift funds for your children. These funds help to achieve your children financial needs such as marriage expense, future education needs etc and should be taken as long-term goals. So, Children’s Gift  Fund is the best place to invest.

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What is a Children’s Gift Fund?

These are dedicated mutual fund schemes, where the investments are made in the name of the child as a beneficiary to meet their financial needs such as marriage expenses, future education etc by parent or guardian. The parent or guardian are added as a donor to the account because the minor child cannot hold an investment under his single name.

These Gift funds fall under the category of Balance Mutual Funds or Hybrid Funds. These funds invest in the combination of Equity(shares) and Debt Instruments(Fixed Income Securities).

Things to consider before you invest in Children Gift Fund

  1. The objective of the Fund
  2. Lock-in period
  3. Who can invest?
  4. Expense Ratio & Exit Load
  5. Documentation
  6. Returns

Benefits of Children Gift Fund Plan

  1. Returns delivered from these long-term gift plans helps their children future financial needs.
  2. No financial limitations to achieve your child aspirations.
  3. Discourages investors from sudden exist.
  4. Clear-Cut segments for specific purposes.
  5. Different goals for Different phases of your child.
  6. Customized Gift funds.
  7. Enjoy tax efficiency.

Based on the equity exposure, Gift funds further classified into “Hybrid-Equity Oriented” or “Hybrid-Debt Oriented” funds.

Equity-Oriented Balanced Fund

Investment in Equity Exposure  > 60%

Investment in Debt Assets = 40%

Debt-Oriented Balanced Fund

Investment in Debt Exposure >60%

Investment in Equity Assets =40%


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