Online Trading

What is online trading?

Investing online also known as online trading or trading online, it is a process by which individual investors and traders buy and sell securities over an electronic network through a brokerage firm. After knowing what is online trading question might arise “Is Online trading safe”? My answer to your question is yes online trading is as safe as traditional trading because online trading is protected. If you a regular customer of trading and planning to trade online then completely understand the concept of online trading.
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online trading

Why Online Trading is better than offline trading?

Offline trading is now less popular.
Online trading is a less time-consuming task as compared to offline trading
Online trading can be risky if you don’t have complete knowledge of the stock market as it may land you in buying wrong stocks, which may lead you to lose, wherein offline trading broker help you to buy right stock.

Safety measures to be taken on internet/Online trading? 

  1. Never share your password with any known/unknown person
  2. Don’t operate your trading from a cyber cafe or some other laptop, always use your personal laptop.
  3. when broker creates your account Change the password immediately.
  4. Always check for confirmation after placing an order.
  5. Make sure that your account is secure.

How will you open an account in online trading?
For opening an account in Online trading, consult a professional broker. For opening an account in India you need an identity proof or residential proof.

How fund can be transferred?
Funds are transferred online through the online portal. If you don’t have internet banking facility don’t get upset there are other options available you can even deposit or transfer money by submitting cheque and buying limit will be provided. Demat account is required for trading online.


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